Primacea is the first organization dedicated to serving the best interests of physicians and Academic Medical Centers who advance medicine in collaboration with industry.

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Why Primacea

Primacea works with both physicians and Academic Medical Centers.

Conceived by a leading physician, Primacea’s services to clinicians ensure clients active in industry are compensated fairly, stay in compliance, and save time on business and support work.

Our services for Academic Medical Centers allow hospitals to protect their reputation and funding by ensuring that payments and conflicts reported about physicians in the Open Payments/Sunshine database are correct, and match with internal and external reporting provided by physicians.

Primacea reduces the administrative burdens on innovative physicians involved in medical research and collaboration with industry.

We provide legal review of contracts, negotiate fair compensation, assist with time/expense tracking, facilitate invoicing and collections, and automate conflict-of-interest reporting.

Primacea helps hospitals attract and retain leading physicians who conduct research and clinical trials by providing a unique combination of software tools and legal support for their leadership and collaborative activities.

Primacea's patent-pending systems provide real-time data for billing research time, complying with TEFRA regulations, responding to federal/state investigations, and reviewing/disputing Open Payments (Sunshine Act) submissions.

Primacea supports physician-industry collaboration by reviewing proposed contacts, assessing fair market value (FMV) and facilitating contact review by hospital compliance departments.

Physicians sign contracts electronically, record time and expenses contemporaneously, invoice accurately and record payments easily with Primacea’s support.