Innovative physicians need support

Doctor needing representation, compliance and back-office support

Leading physicians play a vital role in advancing medicine and improving patient care in collaboration with industry. They do this work in addition to their busy practices and without the support of their employers or any other organization. Thus, they are forced to operate like sole proprietors and handle everything from contract negotiations to billing, collections, compliance reporting and even travel.

With the changing regulatory landscape, these physicians are running high-risk businesses. Lacking an adequate support system, they are often ill-equipped to negotiate fair and properly structured transactions with their much larger industry counterparts. Worse, mistakes can lead to serious consequences:

  • congressional investigations
  • bad press
  • ethics probes
  • dismissal from their positions
  • loss of Medicare billing privledges
  • criminal fines and other penalties

As a result, some physicians operate, often unknowingly, at their own peril. Many others have reduced or abandoned these collaborations, which poses great risks to the future advancement of patient care.

Primacea is the first organization dedicated to serving the best interests of physicians in these collaborations. Primacea was conceived by a physician who sought a comprehensive solution that addressed the needs of physicians who work to improve patient care by applying research, educating colleagues and guiding medical businesses.

We advocate for physicians and represent their best interests; and we provide complete back-office support services. We continually improve our services with advice from our Physicians Panel.

By working with Primacea, physicians can focus on caring for patients, advancing medical science and fostering collaboration with industry in an ethical and effective manner.