Hospital Compliance Solution

What do today's best hospital compliance systems do? Three things. First, they set rules that regulate physicians' outside activities. Second, they protect the hospital's name and its intellectual property by performing a low level review of every contract between their physicians and industry. Third, they require physicians to report the payments they receive which are later spot checked against some public databases.

Unfortunately, these compliance systems often create additional burdens on physicians who don’t have the time or the staff to properly manage their compliance requirements. That can be a fatal flaw. Physicians, who are neither secretaries nor bookkeepers by nature, lack the incentives and tools to make it work. So the hospitals have no real time data regarding contracts, collections, fair market value or training. No wonder hospitals are spending a fortune on compliance and still have to worry about investigations, unfavorable publicity, fines and lawsuits.

We've spent five years working with physicians and managing their regulatory compliance issues. During the last three years, we've developed systems that consistently review physician contracts; track time spent in collaborations; invoice and collect payments; and store every contract, invoice, payment and all related documents.

Primacea's Real Time Compliance products protect the interests of hospitals and their physicians.