Code of Conduct

Primacea Members are devoted to advancing medical science so that patients can enjoy longer and healthier lives. As research scientists and clinicians, our work often requires meaningful engagement with industry in order to bring these advancements to patients. We commit to advancing the highest ethical standards in industry collaboration:

  1. Our work will be performed in areas of our professional competence for fair value with services that are identified in advance and in writing
  2. Our industry relationships will not interfere with how we treat patients, conduct research and communicate with colleagues.
  3. We comply with all applicable laws, regulations, academic rules, hospital policies and professional ethical standards.
  4. We will clearly and fully disclose all relationships and financial interests arising from our industry collaboration to patients, colleagues, institutions and the public.

As medical professionals, we will not:

  1. Accept any payments for prescribing, using, disbursing and/or recommending the use of a product.
  2. Accept personal gifts from industry of any kind.
  3. Provide continuing medical education with industry-controlled content
  4. Be listed as authors on papers "ghostwritten" by others.

We are committed to maintaining the honor of our profession and to adhering to this Code.