Attorney Steve Cagnetta advises physician consultants

Legal representation and compliance systems are needed

Steve Cagnetta announces the formal launch of Primacea's services to the vascular community at VIVA 10.

Steve J. Cagnetta, Esq., Chief Physician Advocate, Primacea, Inc.,
explains at VIVA 10 that physicians need legal representation and compliance systems when they consult with industry.


Steve Cagnetta's interview (slightly edited for readability)

"The idea behind Primacea came up when I was representing Dr. Michael Jaff, one of the founders of Primacea, regarding the issues that arose when he was trying to work with industry. It seems that with the recent changes in regulations, he found it hard to both understand the issues and comply with them. While I sympathized with him, I found it wasn’t just a legal issue. In fact, there were all kinds of other issues involved. And frankly, you can create contracts that complied with the law, but they were only good so long as you actually followed them and had procedures in place to make sure you were in compliance once the agreements were signed and the relationships were started.

"That’s when I came up with the idea of speaking with Steven Ladd, a serial entrepreneur and who spent years developing systems and processes for various companies. He would be the perfect person to create the systems that we needed in order to make sure that the doctor not only had an agreement that complied but acted in ways that complied with the various provisions and policies.

"So fast forward, here we are at VIVA 2010. After working with leading physicians, including Michael Jaff, we are launching the service to the vascular community at large.