Primacea Interviewed on Sunshine Act by Endovascular Today

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Andover, MA – February 3, 2013.

Primacea announced that two of its founders, Steven J. Cagnetta and Steven K. Ladd, were interviewed by Endovascular Today as part of its March 2013 cover story “The Future of Health Care and Innovation.” The interview describes the background of the Sunshine Act, how it grew to 76,000 words of regulations, and the reporting responsibilities around financial exchanges between industry and physicians.

Primacea forecasts that public scrutiny will affect many more physicians and their hospitals, as Sunshine allows anyone with Internet access to investigate any physician’s activities. Every payment will be reported in detail, and there will be many opportunities for the public to misinterpret these payments. According to the interview, “Physicians doing good work may be viewed as ‘bad guys’ unless they are prepared for this new environment.”

The company founders predict that, over time, physicians will realize that they have been operating in a highly regulated and very public environment without any of the legal, accounting, staff, and other resources that their industry allies rely on. Industry and hospitals will spend hundreds of millions of dollars annually to comply with the Act. Unfortunately, none of these expenditures will necessarily protect a physician.

The interview emphasizes the need for physicians to take responsibility for their own compliance. Every payment that physicians receive, directly or indirectly, will be reported on a publicly searchable website. Unless a physician has the tools to accurately record and track these relationships, he or she could find that they are ill-prepared in the event that questions arise about the work they do.

The interview can be found at Navigating the Modern Physician-Industry Relationship.

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